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IdentiFire™ Bunker Coat Drop Down Name Tag

IdentiFire™ Bunker Coat Drop Down Name Tag

Introducing the brand new IdentiFire Bunker Coat Drop Down Name Tag! 

It's often hard to know who is in front of you while wearing bunker gear, so we continue to innovate new ways to give firefighters and officers ways to identify their crews. 

How are these Drop Down Name Tags different than the standard reflective names?

They are full customizable and they GLOW bright and REFLECT back to the viewers eyes, making them the easiest to read in low light working conditions. 

This is the important information you need to know before ordering these! 

The size: 16" x 4" 

We do NOT provide the actual bunker gear name panel, you must use your existing panel from your bunker gear manufacturer. We are ONLY supplying the actual name tag as seen in the pictures. 

Made of our PVC Photoluminescent material that we already use in our SCBA accountability system among other products. 

These tags come with HOOK Fire Resistant (FR) Velcro® bonded to the back of the tag. 

If you do NOT have LOOP fastener / Velcro® currently on your current drop down bunker panel, you have 2 options. 

          1) Find a local ISP that can sew LOOP fastener to your gear

          2) We have partnered with Fire-Tec (A UL Verified ISP that services bunker gear) to provide a service for this specific product. You simply send your current drop down bunker gear panel to them, they sew the loop fastener to the exterior of it, and send it back to you. You will be responsible for shipping directly to Fire-Tec, and the fee below covers shipping back to you. 

To ship to Fire-Tec, please package your clean bunker gear drop down panel and ship to the following address:

                1481-1485 Banks Rd
                Margate, FL 33063

This product comes in a variety of reflective colors, and comes in standard and inverted variations. STANDARD format means the LETTERS and border are the reflective color you choose. INVERTED format means the LETTERS glow and the background color is the reflective color you choose. The pictures show the STANDARD format.

At a time when firefighter accountability and safety is at its highest, using our products will help you do your job more efficiently and safer. For information on bulk pricing for this product please contact us at


Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards.  See Terms and Conditions.

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Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards. Use of this product will void regulatory approvals (NIOSH and NFPA) of the respirator. Consult your respirator manufacturer's User Instructions. See Terms and Conditions.