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Tactical Medic Bag IdentiFire Tag (Single)

Tactical Medic Bag IdentiFire Tag (Single)

IdentiFire tags are made of a heavy duty PVC rubber and will not break or tear. All tags are secured by Hook VELCRO® and can easily be removed and switched for another tag. Multiple different colors and options are available for our tags. If you would prefer a custom look, please email us for more information at

** Please note that this product is for a Single Tag only! The inside bags for your EMS bag are not included **


IdentiFire Tag System for your EMS/Medic Tactical bag is a great choice for SWAT Medics, Police Departments and Fire Department use. IdentiFire tags on the outside and inside easily identify each bag and its contents even in pitch black settings. Never leave your bags behind with our Patent Pending Glow and Reflective tags.

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Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards. Use of this product will void regulatory approvals (NIOSH and NFPA) of the respirator. Consult your respirator manufacturer's User Instructions. See Terms and Conditions.