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Subdued American Flag PVC Patches

Subdued American Flag PVC Patches

IdentiFire® PVC Rubber patent pending patches are a great solution to show off your Flag and honor your Brothers/Sisters at the same time. Each flag comes in the subdued color, black reflective and a thin line down the middle to remember those who we have lost.

These photoluminescent and reflective patches have hook Velcro® attached to them and are as tough as nails. They stick great and glow even better. These can be used on any gear with any kind of loop style fastener such as plate carriers, vests, helmets, sleeves and backpacks.

Thin Blue Line (Police)
Thin Red Line (Firefighter)
Thin Green Line (Military)
Thin Gold Line (Dispatchers)
Thin Red / Blue Line (Firefighter/Police)

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Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards. Use of this product will void regulatory approvals (NIOSH and NFPA) of the respirator. Consult your respirator manufacturer's User Instructions. See Terms and Conditions.