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IdentiFire™ Helmet Band w/ FoxFury Light

IdentiFire™ Helmet Band w/ FoxFury Light

Helmet bands have come a long way. We used to just take rubber from a tire for our helmet, but it doesn’t last long. Have you ever had one of those Silicone Rubber helmet straps? Then you’ll know over time they stretch and dry rot… Why use silicone when you can have LEATHER! Introducing our Leather Helmet IdentiFire Band. We have have teamed up with Engine Co Leather for their quality leather working skills and our IdentFire product. All these products are proudly made and made in AMERICA. This is the first Glow in the Dark, Reflective, and full customized helmet band EVER! And NOW with the option of two great FoxFury Helmet Lights! Command+ Tilt (100 lumens) or Discover Tilt (200 Lumens) integrated with IdentiFire helmet band for the ultimate IdentiFire with FoxFury Helmet Light set up!

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Please allow up to 12-15 weeks for delivery on this hand made product!

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This helmet band features a FoxFury Command+ Tilt White/Green LED helmet light OR FoxFury Discover Tilt White LED Helmet Light. The light is pre-mounted by us, so now you can have your custom helmet band that glows, and a great light for all occasions. This band is fully adjustable and stretches using heavy duty elastic built into the strap so you can still put wedges on your lid. The pictures speak for themselves! With the same options as our other Leather products, including fully customization of your strap, why would you use silicone!

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Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards. Use of this product will void regulatory approvals (NIOSH and NFPA) of the respirator. Consult your respirator manufacturer's User Instructions. See Terms and Conditions.