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IdentiFire® Gen 2 Neon Yellow/Safety Orange Tets

IdentiFire® Gen 2 Neon Yellow/Safety Orange Tets

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IdentiFire™ Safety products feature material that is  Made in AMERICA.  They feature 3M Retro-Reflective and our photoluminescent (Glow in the dark) material that is molded together to withstand the harshest environments. These have been tested by firefighters, for firefighters. Any kind of light will charge these to full brightness (The sun, flashlights, headlights, etc) and they will continue to glow for up to 20 hours.

These Helmet Tetrahedrons are available in 2 different style options. The silver bar down the middle or a solid color, more traditional look that has a glowing border, as shown in the picture of the firefighter from behind.

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