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IdentiFire® Gen 2 Autism Awareness

IdentiFire® Gen 2 Autism Awareness

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IdentiFire and Fully Involved Autism Training, LLC have partnered up to create this Autism Awareness decal. This decal is 4" in size and meant to go on your Vehicle and front door and/or window of your house to alert firefighters that you have a family member with Autism. Please note that putting these on the window of your child's window without proper security of property/home could pose a hazard. It is up to the homeowner to make the decision where they want this IdentiFire decal to go, and to secure their property properly.

Having a family member with Autism during an emergency is stressful enough, but when they don't respond to first responders because they are scared, it can be detrimental to the outcome of a rescue. Having this decal shows us, the first responders, that we need to take extra care when doing an interior search or care when you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Protect your loved ones with our Autism Awareness IdentiFire decal.

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