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FoxFury Scout Flashlight, White & Red LEDs, 49 Lumens

FoxFury Scout Flashlight, White & Red LEDs, 49 Lumens

The ultimate EDC Flashlight, Compact Right Angle Light, & perfect flashlight for your vehicle.

The FoxFury Scout Clip Light with White and Red LEDs is a versatile flashlight can securely clip to your turnout jacket, belt, or pack. It’s rugged, extremely compact and works in all weather conditions. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, this flashlight is fully submersible. Scout Utility Lights are impact resistant and meet the NFPA fire resistant requirements. The Scout J-Clip is also ideal for go bags, auto emergency kits, and is light enough for a females purse.  Scout light are powered by 3x AA batteries and provides 49 lumens for up to 50 hours.


Max Output: 49 lumens

Battery Life: 50 hours

Battery Type: 3x AA batteries

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Disclaimer: This product is not 3rd party tested or certified under applicable standards. Use of this product will void regulatory approvals (NIOSH and NFPA) of the respirator. Consult your respirator manufacturer's User Instructions. See Terms and Conditions.